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Below are nominal external and internal sizes - sizes are approximate

20ft reefer External Dimensions with two full height doors at one end:  Length 20ft / 6.058Mtr. X height 8.6ft / 2.6Mtr. X Width 8ft / 2.44Mtr.


Internal Dimensions ( approximate ):

Length 17' 10" / 5.45Mtr. X Height 7' 5" / 2.27Mtr. X Width 7' 6" / 2.29Mtr


Door opening Dimensions ( approximate )

Height 7'5" / 2.26Mtr. Width 7' 4" / 2.29Mtr.


Cubic Capacity ( approximate ) 28 cubic metres

Approximate Tare Weight : 3200 Kgs ( 3.2 Tonnes )

40ft External Dimensions :

Length: 40ft /12.19Mtr. X Height 9'6"/2.9Mtr. X Width 8ft/2.44Mtr.


Internal Dimensions:

Length 38'1"/11.59Mtr. X Height 7'5"/2.56Mtr. X Width 7'6"/2.29Mtr.


Cubic Capacity ( approximate ) 67.9 cubic metres

Approximate Tare Weight: 4400Kgs ( 4.4 tonnes )

Dual temperature reefer container

Refrigerated containers are 40ft and 20ft units as standard. A 20ft unit contains 28 cubic metres of usable capacity, while a 40ft unit contains 67 cubic metres. a 20ft unit can accommodate 8 "euro" pallets (1,200cm x 800cm) or 7 "metric" pallets (1,200cm x 1,000cm). A 40ft unit will accommodate 21 "euro" pallets or 18 "metric" pallets.

40ft High Cube Carrier refrigerated container Used and refurbished 40ft refrigerated container doors 20ft dual temperature refrigerated shipping container 2009 20ft Carrier refrigerated storage container interior view
  • Other conversions include fthe installation of 1500mm butchers doors, low temperature internal lighting with remote monitoring control and internal release locks

  • Providing close temperature control ( new reefers -30oC/ +30oC with used reefers -25oC / + 25oC ) for perishable goods for transportation or static storage use.

  • The diversity of a refrigerated shipping container is endless, the machinery is a heat exchanger and so can heat your goods/produce as well as chill or freeze.

40ft HC Refirigerated container with 1500mm butchers door Used 40ft HC Thermo-King Magnum container cold storae