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Delivery access and site conditions

To ensure an efficient and safe delivery and offloading of your container please follow guidelines as below.


1. Confirm that the site area has a level and hardstanding ground to site the container on.

2. In the event of no level or hardstanding ground, railway sleepers may be supplied, at extra cost.

3. Containers will not be offloaded and sited if they inhibit services, manhole covers or fire exits.

4. Failure to notify in advance on any of the above will mean any aborted journey will be chargeable.

5. Before the driver leaves, please check your delivery is in the correct position and doors operate correctly.


                                     The delivery driver will require a signature before leaving

New 40ft Carrier refrigerated shpping container Used year 2009 20ft Carrier reefer contain internal 40ft HC Carrier refrigerated container door view

20ft Daikin reefer container

Used 20ft Daikin refrigerated shipping container LXE-10C1 machinery view

40ft HC reefer container doors

Standard refrigerated shipping containers are generally manufactured in 20ft and 40ft sizes while other sizes such as 45ft and 10ft refrigerated containers are produced far less.

Where a refrigerated shipping container is to be shipped out of the U.K., the container must have valid CSC ( Container Safety Convention ) certification to be admitted aboard ship.

Refrigerated containers are in use daily and traverse the oceans stored aboard dedicated reefer ships.

Used 20ft refrigerated container doors open 40FT ThinLINE HC REEFERS New 20ft ThermoKing reefer machine and side view reefer container airflow advice

When placing an order for a used refrigerated container, please allow two weeks for your refrigerated shipping container to be repainted and PTI tested.                            New refrigerated shipping containers come with a manufacturers parts and labour warranty and should be delivered within three working weeks and ready to switch on.