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All of our experienced refrigerated container engineers are in depot and approved by all leading manufacturers


To make an enquiry, please fill in the requests below

1. The size and type of the container you require, 10ft, 20ft, 40ft .


2. Pallet size ( if used ) to the relevant container capacity.


3. Electrical supply, 3 phase 380/440V or 1 phase/240V  (Domestic supply).


4. Level hardstanding ground to site the container on.


5. Height and width access for HIAB vehicle to offload the container.


6. Postcode of delivery site.


7. Payment terms which are : In full and prior to delivery.


8. Required operating temperature setpoint.

Before sending the contact form, please consider :

HIAB vehicles require a minimum access height of 14ft and minimum width of 10ft  Please be aware that these minimum dimensions are based on the HIAB vehicle accessing your delivery site without obstructions and a direct entry.



In the event your site is not level, railway sleepers or paving stones etc may be used providing they are stable and secure with no soft ground beneath.


The driver will check the container doors open and close correctly.

New Daikin refrigerated storage container Container cold storage internal view

Telephone: +44 (0)800 772 3042